Updated May 2021

UK Service Plan: Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read these Terms & Conditions carefully in conjunction with your Service Plan. Together these form your Service Agreement with us.


Administration Fee

A fee to cover processing administration.


Means the electrical items identified on your Service Plan.

Authorised Repairer

An independent repairer authorised by us.

Authorised Representative

Any person you have appointed to act on your behalf by giving your consent in writing.

Beyond Economical Repair

Where we deem the cost of repairing the Appliance or we deem the likelihood of another breakdown occurring to be too high (We retain complete discretion to make this judgement).


A mechanical or electrical part of your Appliance failing causing the Appliance to operate improperly or not at all.

Cancellation Fee

A fee of £45.00 to cover the administration expenses for processing a cancellation.

Commencement Date

This is the Start Date as shown on your Service Plan.


Complaint stands for a written application made by Customers regarding non-performance of the Company.


A contribution by you towards the repair/replacement of your Appliance as outlined in your Service Plan.

Cosmetic Damage

Damage that does not affect the normal operation of the Appliance including but not limited to, dents, discolouration, marks and scratches.


Dispute stands for a written application made by Customers regarding non-compliance with the terms of an agreement between the Customer and the Company in relation to the Services provided by the Company.

Electrical Part

Any part of the Appliance which was included by the manufacturer through which electricity runs. This does not include pipes, hoses etc.

Mechanical Part

Any parts which have powered movement during normal operation of the Appliance. This does not include the detergent drawers etc.

Service Check

A check carried out either by phone through a series of questions or by us or an Authorised Repairer carrying out a check of the Appliance at your home.

Service Plan

A document outlining the Appliances covered this agreement and key points of your plan.


Value Added Tax calculated at the prevailing rate.


UK Service Plan Ltd is incorporated in England & Wales with Company Registration number 13225650 (The Service Provider).


The person named on the Service Plan

What this Service Plan Includes

1.1 This is a Service Agreement between you and Us. It is not a Contract of insurance or an insurance policy. For the avoidance of doubt the repairs and replacement of appliances is entirely at our discretion.

1.2 The Service Plan includes the following;

1.3 Telephone assistance on how to use repair and service your appliance.

1.4 At our discretion and subject to the Service Plan Terms & Conditions repair and/or replace the Appliances listed in your Service Plan only, in the event of an unexpected breakdown, subject to:

  • You are making payment of your contribution as outlined in your Service Plan within 14 days of invoice.
  • The cost of repair or replacement up to the current market value of your appliance if it had been a working appliance (up to a maximum of £1,000.00).
  • Any requests made under this agreement within 45 days of your Service Plan starting will be subject to an additional £250.00 contribution by you.

1.5 We reserve the right to choose whether to repair, replace or pay you the sum to replace in either vouchers or cash.

What this Service Plan Does NOT Include

2.1 This Service Plan will not repair, replace or cover the cost of repairing or replacing your appliance if;

  • A breakdown occurring as a result of Defective Workmanship carried out by someone other than an Engineer authorised by Us.
  • A breakdown occurring as a result of you or someone authorised by you not operating the Appliance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A breakdown occurring as a result of interruption to the public supply of electricity or gas.
  • A breakdown which is covered under your manufacturer warranty or some other warranty
  • A breakdown as a result of incorrectly installed Appliance.
  • A breakdown as a result of accidental or deliberate damage whether by you or anybody else.
  • Cosmetic Damage on your Appliance which does not cause a Breakdown.
  • Any loss suffered as a result of delays or other such losses in repair or replacement of your Appliance by Us.
  • Repair or replacement of non-electrical or nonmechanical parts.
  • Any Appliance imported from outside the EU.
  • Any Appliance not outlined in your Service Plan.
  • Any Appliance older than 15 years old.
  • Any Appliance used for commercial or non-domestic purposes.
  • Any Appliance modified outside of the manufacturers recommended specification.
  • Any serviceable or regularly replaced parts i.e. filters which the manufacturer recommends you change.
  • Any Appliances which have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Repairs Procedure

3.1 You must stop using your Appliance as soon as you become aware of a breakdown or a possible breakdown

3.2 You must contact us on our repair’s helpline on 0333 880 1657 and one of our remote technicians will guide you through the process of having your Appliance repaired or replaced.

3.3 You must not arrange for an Engineer yourself without our prior approval. In the event you incur charges without having our approval we will not pay the Engineer on your behalf.

3.4 If we authorise you to make arrangements for your own appointed Engineer you must ensure that they contact us on the Repairs helpline before commencing any chargeable work.

3.5 You must ensure all invoices are made out Service Home Plan Limited, and if the Engineer is VAT registered, they must send us a VAT invoice within 14 days of the work being completed.

3.6 We may arrange for your Appliance to be transported to one of our repair centres to be repaired before being returned.

3.7 If we decide not to approve your request for a repair or replacement we will refund you all payments made to date.

Your Obligations

4.1 You must ensure that the Appliance has been fitted in accordance to the Manufacturer instructions

4.2 You have a duty of care to look after, handle and operate your appliance in accordance to the Manufacturers guidance.

4.3 You must ensure that if you change your appliance you contact our customer service helpline to ensure your Service Plan is updated to reflect this change. Failure to do will result in this Appliance not being covered.

4.4 You must ensure that you allow our Engineers access to the Appliance. If the Appliance is built-in you must at your own expense arrange for the Appliance to be removed and easily accessible all round. If our Engineer attends and finds that they do not have access you will be charged a £80.00 call out fee.

4.5 You must ensure that you check the Service Plan thoroughly to ensure that all the information is correct. In particular you should check that the make and model of the appliance listed on the Service Plan is correct.

4.6 You should answer the initial questionnaire accurately as failure to do so may lead to the Service Plan being invalidated.

Payments Charges & Fees

5.1 You authorise us to take the amounts shown on your Service Plan on the dates shown on your Service Plan.

5.2 Your Service Plan is set automatically to auto renew upon expiry for a further 12 months. You agree to allow us to continue the same payment plan.

5.3 If you do not want to auto renew your plan you must let us know at least 14 days before the plan renewal date.

5.4 If your plan is paid monthly it is still subject to the minimum term.

5.5 If you request a repair or replacement during the first 12 months of your Service Plan, we reserve the right to be request the remainder of your plan price to be paid before commencing work.


6.1 You can cancel your plan at any time by emailing: [email protected]

6.2 Cancelling within 28 days of the Start Date- You can cancel your Service Plan within 28 days of your start date for a full refund provided you have not made any request for Repair or Replacement.

6.3 Cancelling after 28 days of the Start Date- Your plan will be cancelled, and you will not be entitled to any refund.

6.4 We reserve the right to cancel your plan at any time by giving you 28 days’ notice in advance. We will refund you on a pro rate basis for the remaining of your plan.

Complaints and Disputes

7.1. Complaints and Dispute Claims should be communicated to the Company in the first instance by contacting the Customer Support Team:

7.1.1. by writing an email to [email protected]

7.1.2. via post by sending a letter to: UK Service Plan, Mocatta House, Trafalgar Place, Brighton BN1 4DU.

7.2. The Customer needs to state in the subject of letter/email that he is willing to make a Complaint, a Dispute claim or a request, so the Company can distinguish the Complaints and Dispute Claims from the regular queries.

7.3. For the letter correspondence we kindly advise you to provide us the notification by email allowing us to send to you the receipt conformation and to avoid misunderstanding regarding the moment the letter correspondence is received by us.

7.4. The Company accepts the correspondence and notices in English language only.

7.5. Each Complaint or the Dispute claim of the Customer shall be registered by the Company, and the reference number will be assigned to it. The Company will maintain the current state of every registered entry.

7.6. The Complaint or the Dispute claim of the Customer is deemed to be received and registered by the Company when:

7.6.1. the Company sends a confirmation email to the Customer;

7.6.2. the Company receives and registers the correspondence letter.

7.8. The Complaints or the Dispute claims of the Customers are investigated free of charge.

8.1. The Company needs clearly understand the nature and details of Customer’s Complaints and Dispute claims. Please make sure that the Company receives the following information:

8.1.1. Customer number or account number in the System if applicable;

8.1.2. Customer‘s name: legal person’s name and legal representative’s name and surname or natural person’s name and surname;

8.1.3. An e-mail address, legal or actual business address (for the letter correspondence) and a daytime telephone number where the Customer can be reached at;

8.1.4. A clear description of the circumstances of the Complaint and Dispute claim submitted;

8.1.5. All the evidence available to Customer and copies of any relevant documents the Customer may provide.

8.2. The Company reserves a right to decline accepting the Complaint and Dispute claim by notifying the Customer if possible, when:

8.2.1. The significant information requested by paragraphs 8.1.1 to 8.1.2 and needed for proper consideration or identification of the applicant is missing;

8.2.2. Any of the identification information of the applicant as stated in paragraphs 8.1.1 to 8.1.3 does not match the Company’s records.

8.3. In case of doubt and when the confidential information or personal data is affected the Company reserves a right to request the applicant for the addition authentication according to the one required by the terms and conditions of the Services provided by the Company.

9.1. The Company will do the best to resolve Customer’s Complaint or Dispute claim as soon as possible. The Company investigates the Complaints and Dispute claims accepted no later than within 15 Business Days from the receipt/accepting date.

9.2. The Company will notify the applicant on non-accepted Complaint or Dispute claim due to violation of the requirements of this Policy within 2 Business Days from the receipt day, in case it is possible.

9.3. In cases when the Company cannot give the response within the time set in paragraph 9.1 due to reasons beyond Companies control, the Company has the right to provide the Customer with an interim (i.e. non-final) response, by clearly stating the reasons for the delay in the final response. In any case the final response must be provided no later than within 35 Business Days from the receipt of the Customer’s Complaint or Dispute claim.

9.4. The Customer undertakes to provide to the Company additional information and clarifications within 5-10 Business Days from the Company’s request. If the Customer fails to provide the requested data allowing the Company to settle Complaint or Dispute claim within 35 Business Day the Company provides the Customer the final report based on the information available to it and close the case.

9.5. After the case is closed the reconsideration is possible only by submitting by the Customer a new Complaint or Dispute claim for which the new handling time limits apply. The Company reserves a right to decline accepting the recurring Complaint and Dispute claim

10.1. For any accepted Complaint or Dispute claim the Company has reviewed, the written response will be sent to the Customer by the mean the initial correspondence was received or to the Customer’s e-mail, if agreed by the Customer, explaining:

10.1.1. what was found;

10.1.2. what the Company plans to do as a result; and

10.1.3. why such decision was made by the Company.

General Conditions

11.1 Your information will be held by Us for the purpose of providing you the Services outlined in the Service Plan Your details may be used by us or our sister companies for marketing purposes namely to inform you of other products or services which we think may of interest to you. You consent to us contacting you by phone, email or postal mail.

11.2 If you wish to opt out of your data being used for marketing purposes, please email us on [email protected]

Your plan is solely for the benefit of you and cannot be transferred or assigned to anybody else. The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 do not apply. Nothing in these terms affects your Statutory Rights.

11.3 This Service Plan is not an Insurance Product and we are not Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Fraud- If we have reason to believe that you or someone authorised by you have made a false, dishonest or exaggerated statement, declaration or have attempted to falsely or dishonestly obtain a repair or replacement we reserve the right to place the repair on hold for 28 working days whilst we investigate or advise you of when we will be in a position to complete our investigations

11.4 In the event it is found that you have acted fraudulently we will cancel your plan without repairing, replacing or settling any outstanding bills and no refund will be provided.

11.5 We aim to carry out all repairs and replacements within a reasonable amount of time. If we expect delays, we will inform you of the likely completion date.

How to Contact Us

You can contact us in one of three ways:

Post: UK Service Plan, Mocatta House, Trafalgar Place, Brighton, BN1 4DU

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0333 880 1657

If you are contacting us to arrange a repair, you can email or call us on:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0333 880 1657